How to create a Travel Blog from Godaddy domains Hosting and Blogger

How to buy domain names purchased in GoDaddy on Blogspot should today create a post on this topic. In this article I will be implementing the domain name in Blogspot. Just simple, you follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to to create a blog near or similar to your domain to prepare pointers. 

Step 2: Go to Settings => Basics => Set up 3rd party URL for your blog and do the following:

Create blogspot

Step 3: You enter the Godaddy domain you want to point to the advanced settings like the image below and then save. P/s: Fill www. In the new nhe you.

Step 4: You login to your GoDaddy domain account or your domain name distributor to proceed to the pointers:

You go to the DNS to find the CName and copy your attention in the frame above "Copy this to point" to add to CName and be as shown below:

Step 6: You go back to the blog section as FIGURE 3 to save, then tick the link to to So when you type no www it goes to the domain that has the www or any other subdomain you choose

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  1. that's so great to create a travel blog too easy